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Strausberg Märkische Heimat für Flieger und FlugzeugbauFlight has an interesting history at Strausberg, that can be traced back to the beginnings of the conquest of the air at the start of the last century.

From the outset, the history of flight is now the subject of a separate work. An exact summary of data, events and photographs can be found in the collection, "Strausberg Märkische Heimat für Flieger und Flugzeugbau" (“Strausberg, the Home for Flyers and Aircraft Construction in the Mark”), published by Helmut Bukowski / Rolf Apel.

For those who wish to delve into the history of the airport, the airport museum, lovingly completed in 2008, offers information from the airport’s inception to its current status.

High grade and professionally prepared information boards located among aircraft components provide an overview of the past 85 years. Who is aware that the airport was founded during the 1920’s, and that notable fliers such as Beate Uhse started off from here? Entry to the airport museum is free.

The following offers a brief outline of the most important stages and events:
Former Marine First Lieutenant, Felix Schulz, from Strausberg is granted pilot license no. 367 by the "Deutschen Luftfahrerverband" (”German Aviation Association”).
Stronghold for the sport of gliding and soaring.
First passenger flight over Strausberg in a Focke Wulf A 17 “Möwe” (“Gull”).
Record for longest soaring flight (18.5 hours) set by Inge Wetzel.
Felix Schulz - Hans Blumberg - Ingo Wetzel
Alfred Friedrich aircraft repair facility and factory airport.
Luftwaffe air base.
Beate Uhse operating as a solo pilot from the Strausberg airport.
Alfred Friedrich - Beate Uhse
Military airfield for the Red Army.
Military airfield for KVP Air and the NVA.
10 world parachute jumping records set at the Strausberg airport.
Weltrekord-Fallschirmsport-Mannschaft 1962-1964
Soaring operations restarted.
Changeover from Bundeswehr air field to commercial operations.
Approval as a Category I commercial landing field.
Development into a commercial landing field for business travel, sports and recreational flying.
German astronauts visit the Strausberg airport (Merbold / Jähn / Ewald).
Deutsche Raumfahrer auf dem Strausberger Flugplatz
Construction of a new aircraft hangar.
Establishment of a refueling facility.
Initiation of the new tower.
Replacement of the landing and take-off lighting (more than 37,400 aircraft movements).
Acquisition of the Strausberger Eisenbahn GmbH commercial activities (38,238 take-offs and landings).
Dedication of the new airport museum.
Information available at  +49 3341 345 370 or via E-Mail: info(at)sfg-strausberg.de .
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