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Bicycle Rental

Märkisch-Oderland is an ideal region for a wide variety of activities. Bikers and hikers get their money’s worth. The numerous lakes invite you to swim, row, paddle and fish.

Bicycle rental rates:
1 day 15,00 €
3 days (monday to thursday) 30,00 €
3 days (weekend) 39,00 €
4-7 days 70,00 €
E-Bicycle rental rates:
1 day 30,00 €
3 days (monday to thursday) 60,00 €
3 days (weekend) 75,00 €
4-7 days 150,00 €

Strausberg lies in the middle of a region rich in woods and lakes. Many 100 of kilometers of hiking and biking trails invite you to enjoy nature in all its beauty. Only a few kilometers away lies the Märkische Schweiz with its special natural attractions. And for those going on a longer bicycle tour, we recommend the Oderbruch. Also worth mentioning is the European Bicycle Route R1 – a bike trail leading from France, through our region, and on into Russia.

Numerous places of interest along the various tour paths offer opportunities for resting. A wide selection of excursions, accessible with your bicycle or your vehicle is available in our “Excursions” overview. "Excursions".

Information available at  +49 3341 345-370 or via E-Mail: info(at)flugplatz-strausberg.de .
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Tel. 03341 / 345-370
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